My Story

Hi I’m Robin! I'm a wife, a mom, and a grandma! I’m married to my handy-man husband, who has been retired from the US Air Force, which he served in for 25 years. During that time we raised 3 wonderful daughters and had many adventures all around the world. Now we have 6 active and delightful grandsons (remember to love and have fun with your babies, they grow up ever so quickly).

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always creating something. When there were paper and scissors handy I loved making paper dolls with all the clothes and accessories. In the summer when my family went camping, I would create the most magnificent jewelry with the ''old'' pull tabs from soda pop cans, (does anyone remember those at all)?  :)

It’s been my passion to make and create quality products. I always put my heart and soul into whatever I make whether it be a cute handout or invitation for church, or a flyer for my husbands work bulletin board.

For the past several years, I have been working with wood which I’ve sold at many craft fairs and online, selling beautiful seasonal signs, eye catching earrings, and everything in-between. 

Now as a designer of SVG files, I continue to create with passion and think of my customers who are busy and have small business of their own. My customers are definitely the heart of my business. I design SVG files for laser printers that are easy to navigate, quick to cut, and simple to paint so my customers can share their creations with their customers!

Thank you for being here. You are the heart of my business. Without you this little shop of mine would only be a dream but now it’s my reality and passion.