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Commercial License

Commercial License

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This license is for those wanting to sell UNFINISHED WOOD BLANKS.

--You DO NOT need this license for items you make for personal use.
--You DO NOT need this license to sell finished completed products.

By purchasing this small business commercial license will give you permission to sell unfinished wood blanks to your customers of my digital SVG files, either by themselves or as a kit with other added items such as paint, glue etc.

This license will need to be renewed annually to continue the use of selling blanks from my SVG files each year.

I will keep a record of your name business address, then add you to my vendor list for others to purchase from if they choose on my FB group page.
This is the Facebook page.
Center Street Decor SVG Laser Files

*This license is not meant for mass production by big businesses in the commercial industry. Mass production of wood blanks from my designs is prohibited.

**My photos are not included with this license. Please photograph your own painted images.

By purchasing you agree 100% to the terms as read above.
If you have any questions, please ask I'm happy to help, just contact me.

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